Mike Huckabee’s Stance On Net Taxes

Originally published at Tech Daily Dose

President Bush is expected to sign a bill that would extend the moratorium on Internet taxes until 2014, and The Club For Growth no doubt thinks that’s a good idea on the off chance that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee becomes president.

Huckabee currently ranks low among the Republican presidential candidates but has been gaining ground in some polls and has been the subject of favorable media coverage lately. Today, Club For Growth President Pat Toomey, a former House Republican from Pennsylvania, issued a “memo to the media” designed to remind people of Huckabee’s record, and Internet taxes is one item in the memo.

This is the last item on the list, but it’s there nonetheless: “Internet Taxes, 2004: Huckabee opposed a congressional moratorium on state taxation of Internet access (Bond Buyer, 02/24/04).”


House Clears Seven-year Net Tax Moratorium

Originally published at Tech Daily Dose

The House on Tuesday cleared to President Bush a bill that would extend the moratorium against taxing Internet access until 2014, capping a flurry of activity on the issue in October.

Under current law, the prohibition is set to expire Thursday. Lawmakers voted 402-0 to add seven years to the moratorium — more than double the three-year periods approved in 1998, 2001 and 2004 — and to clarify the services covered under the statute.

The action came five days after the Senate voted to expand the four-year moratorium that the House had passed earlier this month. “It’s high time that Congress passes this important legislation and gets it to the president’s desk for his signature,” said Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas.

Competitiveness Makes Pelosi’s Checklist

Originally published at Tech Daily Dose

Remember that competitiveness bill techies have wanted for so long, the one President Bush signed into law a little more than two months ago? Well, it’s now part of the checklist of items that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi uses to tout all that is right with the 110th Congress.

You can see the checklist at her blog, The Gavel, where the California Democrat included it in a post that bashed Bush for comments he made in a press conference today. The “innovation agenda promoting 21st-century jobs” is No. 4 on the list.

The competitiveness law also is a talking point in Pelosi’s pitch about the “New Direction Congress.”