Grading Drone Innovation

Originally published at Drone Book
By K. Daniel Glover

The latest Innovation Scorecard from the Consumer Technology Association grades all 50 states based on their drone laws.

Arizona, Georgia and Michigan are at the top of the drone-friendly list because of their efforts to harmonize laws statewide. States like Louisiana, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, on the other hand, are creating rules that are technology-specific, that conflict with federal rules, or that allow localities to go different ways.

“Local and state officials should support national rules that provide an organized and consistent policy framework for the growing number of consumers and commercial operators using drones,” CTA concluded.

The scorecard, which CTA has been producing for three years, encompasses far more than drones, including tax policy, Internet access, and education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The state-by-state breakdown on drones is in the “Open Roads & Open Skies” section of the scorecard, which also covers self-driving automobiles.

Visit the scorecard for detailed explanations of the grades in this chart: