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Mobile PaymentsMobile Payments: A Developer’s Guide To Processing Money
Application Developers Alliance, December 2013
App makers and companies that wish to leverage mobile devices to sell their products and services face many choices. They have to decide how to collect money, which operating systems to use, and which payment providers have the friendliest fee structures, best support and most security. This guide defines the current state of the mobile payments landscape, which continues to evolve rapidly, and helps players in the app industry explore their options.

AppAlliance_Device Fragmentation
The Challenge Of Cross-platform Development
Application Developers Alliance, December 2013
You might think that in a perfect world, application developers would write code just once and it would run everywhere. But that mobile utopia doesn’t exist. Instead, developers practice their craft in a digital universe that includes multiple versions of competing operating systems and thousands of devices in various screen sizes. This fragmentation forces developers and the companies that hire them to answer tough questions every time they imagine the next big thing. This white paper defines the challenge, explains why it matters and discusses the options available to developers, including tools to help both developers and non-developers build interoperable products more quickly. The paper concludes with case studies based on the efforts of several experts in the app industry to achieve interoperability or help others do so.

Monetization White PaperMonetization: Picking The Path To App Profitability
Application Developers Alliance, August 2013
Developers get their motivation to build from a passion that is equal parts creativity and innovation, but to a certain extent, the bottom line to success is the bottom line. Those who make money on their applications get the resources they need to fund future creative projects. The best way to make sure that happens is to map a path to monetization for each app well before it hits the market. The advantages and disadvantages of each strategy vary from app to app. This paper explores the many options to help developers streamline the decision process.

Discoverability White PaperDiscoverability: How To Get Noticed In A Marketplace Overflowing With Apps
Application Developers Alliance, April 2013
If an app drops in the store and no one is around to see it, does it make a profit? The answer is no, and therein lies one of the major challenges facing application developers today. Developers can make the most innovative app of the year or perhaps the decade, but if consumers cannot find it because of marketing obstacles, all of the engineering prowess will be for naught. This paper identifies the challenges that developers and companies face in getting their apps before the right audiences, explores the current options available to do so and proposes solutions for optimizing discoverability.

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