The GOP Report Card On Tech Issues

Originally published at Tech Daily Dose

We know the grades for the Democratic presidential candidates, so now it’s time to see where the Republican candidates rank on the tech policy scale. TechPresident has the report card, and none of the candidates scored higher than a C:

  • Rudy Giuliani: D
  • Mike Huckabee: C (“and we’re being generous”)
  • Duncan Hunter: F
  • John McCain: C-plus
  • Ron Paul: C
  • Mitt Romney: D-plus
  • Tom Tancredo: F
  • Fred Thompson: D-plus

A Bipartisan Dose Of E-politics Video

Originally published at Tech Daily Dose

Republican new media consultant David All has partnered with Dan Manatt of PoliticsTV to produce a new Internet video program dubbed NetCenter08. The first episode revisits the controversy over last week’s CNN/YouTube debate featuring Republican presidential candidates.