A Presidential Vote For One Web Day

Originally published at Tech Daily Dose

Saturday marked the second annual celebration of One Web Day, and Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards used the occasion to tout his Internet policy agenda.

“I am proud to have outlined an agenda to build a universal, affordable Internet with a starting place goal of giving all U.S. homes and businesses access to real high-speed Internet by 2010,” Edwards said in a statement. He said the Internet has given people the ability “to effect change and make profound differences for good in their communities,” but a “digital divide” than leaves many rural and black Americans without technology access needs to be addressed.

Edwards, who along with his wife Elizabeth have actively engaged with the Internet political community, also reiterated his support for the concept of network neutrality in broadband content. “My commitment, as president, will be to ensure that the FCC preserves free expression and competition on the Internet by continuing to enforce net neutrality, ensuring no degradation or blocking of access to Web sites,” he said.

Micah Sifry of techPresident lamented that Edwards was the only presidential candidate who “understood the value of One Web Day.”


Your Chances To Quiz Clinton And Romney

Originally published at Tech Daily Dose

Two of the leading presidential contenders will spend quality time on the Internet tonight — one to talk health care and the other to take questions on an array of topics.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton released a healthcare plan yesterday and will make that the focus of a webcast at 8 p.m. The plan, which would cost an estimated $110 billion a year, includes health information technology provisions. In fact, Clinton expects to pay part of the cost of the plan with savings achieved by modernizing the American health system.

If you want to ask Clinton about that or other tech aspects of her plan, though, you’ll have to RSVP for the webcast.

On the Republican side, meanwhile, candidate Mitt Romney will hold his first “Ask Mitt Anything” online chat at 7:15 p.m. You can ask about Romney’s “Ocean” ad or his plan to cleanse American culture by attacking Internet pornography and videogame violence. More than 1,700 people already have registered and submitted questions, according to the campaign.