Social Media Strategy

The Elements of Social Media Style
Presentation, Sept. 16, 2014

Participants learn how to turn existing content into fresh online material, how to cater their writing toward different social media platforms, and how to coordinate content across those platforms. They also discuss real examples of social media successes and flops that illustrate both effective and flawed writing.

The Essential Guide to Pinterest
David All Group, March 20, 2012

With the interest in Pinterest at a fever pitch, brands around the globe see the virtual bulletin board as a new social forum for connecting with their fans. To make sense of Pinterest, download “The Essential Guide To Pinterest,” a brief storytelling guide.

Take That Trash Off My Wall
The Crime Report, Feb. 23, 2012

Police departments across America are facing a new concern as they get more social: how to balance the community benefits of public interaction with the risks of creating an open, public forum.

The Social Customer Is Always Right
David All Group, Nov. 15, 2011

The cardinal rule of commerce — that the customer is always right — has never been more true than in today’s social media era. Why endure the grief of lodging customer-service complaints by telephone, which often yields no satisfaction, when you can spur companies into action by tweeting 140 characters or by posting embarrassing photos to Facebook?

The Roots Of Brand Activism
David All Group, June 17, 2011
Brand activism is not a 21st-century innovation; technology has merely enhanced a concept with roots in the mid-20th century.The proof is in a 1966 study that explores the value of word-of-mouth marketing and outlines the four things that motivate people to talk about the brands they love.

Facebook Patrol: The Social Police Beat
The Crime Report, May 18, 2011
Dozens of police departments across the country — and around the world — are moving into the social media space, both to connect with citizens and to search for criminals. The departments also use social media to report news directly to the public, minus the challenges and aggravations of filtering information through traditional media.

Judging Social: Modern Media In Court
Justice 2.0, May 16, 2011
Online videos like those on the Indiana high court’s YouTube channel are just one technique that courts — and some judges — are using to expand their communications horizons. As more people go to social media for information, the judicial branch is getting social to reach them.

Trial By Twitter: Real-time Court Coverage
Justice 2.0, May 16, 2011
Twitter is becoming both a valuable news tool in general and a great gadget for covering trials in particular. Journalists can report dramatic court testimony, legal maneuverings and more as soon as they happen, and they can do it in more detail than traditional media allow.

The Essential Guide to Twitter
David All Group, March 10, 2011
Twitter is a great medium for promoting your products or information online — if you can get people’s attention. That’s no small feat, according to the research firm Sysomos. It found that nearly three-fourths of tweets are ignored, and the window of opportunity typically closes in less than an hour. That reality gives you all the more reason to do Twitter right, and “The Essential Guide To Twitter” can help.

The Power Of Porkbusters
Beltway Blogroll, Jan. 29, 2008
I’ve been tracking the power of the blog since June 2005, and I can say unequivocally that Porkbusters is the most successful demonstration I have seen of that influence. It is also the one with the greatest staying power.

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